Hair Transplant Turkey With Unlimited FUE Grafts

Get a Great New Head of Hair. Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey is $2,850 USD with Unlimited FUE Grafts.

Smile Planners is now booking Unlimited FUE Hair Transplant packages to Istanbul, Turkey. An unlimited graft hair transplantation session costs $2,850 USD – that’s around $3,999 Australian Dollar, 2,171 GBP or 2,465 Euros at the current exchange rate. The treatment can be done in as little as 2 days, day 1 for hair transplant session and day 2 for check up. The unlimited grafts FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplantation is completed at a JCI internationally certified world class hospital as a out patient procedure. Unlimited FUE hair transplant in Turkey is for people currently living with hair loss and want to regain a natural head of hair and restore their hairline.

FUE – Follicular unit extraction Hair Transplantation

Turkey Hair Transplant Package: FUE Hair Restoration Overseas in Turkey includes 2 Nights, 5 Star Hotel Accommodation and VIP Airport – Hotel Transfers in Turkey in the cost of the treatment. The hair transplant cost in Turkey is $2,850 USD, or $3,999 AUD, 2,171 GBP or 2,465 Euro at the current exchange rate.

Exchange rates based on 1 USD = 1.40 AUD, 1 USD = 0.76 GBP, 1 USD =0.86 EUR. Exchange rates can vary daily and by bank.

How it works

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) uses a tiny needle to gather individual donor hair follicle units. This technique enables direct follicular transfer from the donor area, typically on the back side of the scalp (called the occipital region) to the recipient area, the crown, mid scalp area and frontal region of the head. Essentially, a patient’s own hairs are taken from the back of the scalp – where hairs are typically more abundant – and transferred to the balding areas. Within approximately 6 months after treatment the grafted hairs will reach normal length.

The Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey

  • Quick outpatient hair transplant operation 
  • Grafts taken from your own hair
  • Your own natural hair grows back within 6 months
  • Lower hair transplant cost than other countries
  • Regained confidence
  • More active, full lifestyle
  • Hair transplant treatments at modern internationally certified hospital using state of art techniques and protocols 

A Quick History: FUE Hair transplantation was first developed in Japan in the 1930s by Dr. Shojui Okuda. In the 1980’s another pioneering hair transplant specialist, Dr. Masumi Inaba created 1 mm needles to extract donor hair grafts and streamline the FUE process. But it was not until the early 2000’s that FUE became mainstream. Today, FUE is the most widely used hair transplant method worldwide. 

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey Comparison

When you compare the cost of FUE Hair Transplants in Turkey to the USA, UK, and Australia, the price difference can be substantial. FUE Hair transplants in Australia can cost between $10,000 and $30,000. The FUE cost in the USA can also be in the $15,000 to $30,000 price range. In the UK, FUE transplant procedure can run over £20,000. Even take a look at a medical tourism hub like Thailand and the cost is still up to quite a bit higher then Turkey. FUE hair transplant in Bangkok or Phuket, Thailand can cost up to $13,000. Unlimited FUE hair transplant cost Turkey is $2,850. Simply put, Turkey can’t be beat for affordable hair transplants.

Contact us

To get an evaluation for unlimited FUE hair transplant, the first step is to contact us through the online form for more information on how to receive a consultation and reserve a date for treatment, including the two nights hotel promotion and VIP Airport Transfers package in Turkey. Stop worrying about hair loss and take the first step to a new head of hair. Contact us today to start the process to get your Confident, New Hair.

About Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a world class city that literally bridges Europe and Asia. The European side of the city is separated from the Asian side of the city by bridges over the water. Istanbul is also full of history with landmarks dating back to Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman times. The are many modern building as well in the central business district.

Being at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Istanbul has some great shopping and world renowned Turkish food.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fly in for treatment?

Yes. Hotel is nearby the centrally located hospital. Visa to Turkey is needed, but quite easy to get, we can let know how to apply.

Is there a payment plan or financing for overseas patients?

Depending on your country of residence there may be financing possibilities that can cover the cost of treatment and even the cost of the holiday.

What is the first step to get a no obligation evaluation?

Patients can contact us via the web form on this page and we will provide details on getting an evaluation.

What is the treatment schedule in Turkey?

The treatment takes 2 days, patients are picked up from the hotel and taken to the hospital for FUE treatment. The treatments is done under local anesthesia in the hospital with some, but manageable, discomfort and quick recovery. After treatment patients return to the hotel. On the second day, there is a checkup and the treatment is complete and patients can fly home or on to their next destination.

Why is the hair transplant cost in Turkey quoted in USD?

Most people getting hair transplants in Turkey are flying in for treatment as medical travelers, thus it is more convenient to quote hair restoration treatments in USD, for the cost in another currency there are many currency converters for reference.