Hair Transplant Cost Turkey

The hair transplant cost in Turkey is considerably less than other countries even compared to the medical tourism hot spots such as Thailand or India. The cost in Istanbul, Turkey is $2,850 USD – that’s around $3,999 Australian Dollar, 2,171 GBP or 2,465 Euros at the current exchange rate

 Turkey Hair Transplant Package includes 2 Nights in 5 Star Accommodation and Airport Transfers / Hospital transfers.

Exchange rate based on 1 USD = 1.40 AUD, 1 USD = 0.76 GBP, 1 USD =0.86 EUR.

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey Comparison

Looking at the Hair Transplants Cost in Turkey contrasted with the USA, UK, and Australia, there can be a bit of a price shock. Hair transplants in the USA can be in the $15,000 to $30,000 price range; Australia can go from $10,000 to $30,000. The EU hair transplant cost is also higher. In the UK, FUE transplant procedure can run over £20,000. Look at a medical tourism hub like Thailand and the cost is still much higher then Istanbul, Turkey. FUE hair transplant in Bangkok or Phuket, Thailand can cost up to $13,000. Unlimited FUE hair transplant cost Turkey is $2,850. Turkey is simply the most affordable global location for hair transplants.

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